I don’t want to live anywhere else

Original titel:

Jag vill inte leva någon annanstans


Olle is a young school boy. He has only one friend. It is his best friend, but an unusual friend. Olle grappling with huge hard questions. Is he sick or is he just lonely?

Loneliness is hard to live in.


I don’t want to live anywhere else is a 2015 Swedish film directed by Anton Forsdik.The film is first part of the trilogy named “To be like everyone else“.

“I don’t want to live anywhere else” is the first installment in the trilogy of films about Olle Samuelsson.

Winner of STOCKmotion Filmfestival 2015

best film , youth class

This film places us immediately and with a lightness in a dark and heavy universe. Well played holding it fixed us firmly to the last frame. Concerned and shaken, we leave this film, but the film does not leave us.

ZOOM.11 Special jury mention:

I Don’t Want to Live Anywhere Else (Anton Forsdik; Sweden)

Ole, the main and only character of Anton Forsdik’s film, is a twelve year-old. And a schizophrenic. The Swedish I Don’t Want to Live Anywhere Else fearlessly manages to take on this complex and mature topic in just under two minutes. Forsdik takes a gentle and sensitive, yet cold and brutish approach. This title deserves a special jury mention for its bravery, maturity and aesthetic perfectedness.


Vinnare av 2015 års STOCKmotion Filmfestival
Bästa film , ungdom tom 15 år Anton Forsdik ”Jag vill inte leva någon annanstans”

Den här filmen placerar oss omedelbart och med en lätthet i ett mörkt och tungt universum. Välspelat håller den fast oss i ett stadigt grepp till sista bildrutan. Berörda och omskakade lämnar vi den här filmen, men filmen lämnar inte oss.